Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Challenge 4

The next challenge for my scrapbook class is to make a layout with photo in shepia (or black and white), leaving some part of the photo with original color. Here's my work :

Credit: Blowin' Wind Kit by Charlie's Digiscrap

Monday, December 29, 2008

Challenge 3

I never consider myself as a romantic person. And I feel I'm not a romantic mother either. But being 4 months old pregnant makes me a little bit sensitive. Maybe for others I'm too much sensitive this time...LOL. That's fine. Some friends told me it is OK to be more selfish when you're expecting. Because it's not just me, you know, it's also about the baby ;-p

Last week I opened my old photo files. And I found this picture of me and my daughter. My husband took the photo from hospital on the first day of her life :). Forget about the traumatic labour process, I think I miss the special feeling of hugging my new born baby in my arms, for the first time. It's just amazing... I think all of mothers out there know what I mean. I don't know whether it will be the same for the second... LOL. Cant wait to meet our second baby...


Papers by Carrie Stephens (Tahiti Treat Kit)

Doodle and Ribbon by Digital Scrap Designs

This is also become my entry for challange 3 in my online class of Scrapbooking. Hope I'm getting better ;-p

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sliced Photo Effect

Since I've decided to continue my practice in scrapbooking, I am now following some online tutorials. Well I already started some weeks back... ;-p. So many interesting things we can find here in Internet!!

Click here to read te tutorial about sliced photo effect. And this is my work:

credits: Lollie Pollie Kit by Matahati Design

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Challenge 2

Yes, it was a looooong break, even for me, after these long hectic weeks. Last September I was still in my hometown, Jakarta. Then last month, I was in Cochin, India. And here I am in Doha, Qatar now. At least for the time being, not sure where I will be next month, LOL.

And I have another news to tell :). We're expecting our second baby in June 2009. So, sure yes it was a tiring weeks, mentally and physically, tried to deal with everything. I was pushed to forget about scrapbooking for a while. So now I'm happy to be back...

Scrap Lift
The second challange for my scrapbooking class is scrap lift. It's not that easy to do it, though. My layout look different even I tried to copy.

layout by Len

layout by me

Credits: Spontaneous Delight Kit by Carrie Stephens

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Challenge 1

Ok, this is my first attempt to get a prize...! Who doesn't want a prize...? Everybody does. So I tried to submit it as soon as possible when I still have a change ;p

Promise Collections freebie Kit by Shabby Princess Design.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Urban Kiwi kit

Font: Yevida

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Selain pake cara FILTER – EXTRACT (Alt+Ctrl+X), cara dibawah ini yang paling sering saya pake untuk meng-extract satu objek dari sebuah foto. Cara ini menurut saya paling gampang dan cepat, terutama kalo foto yg mau kita extract itu punya dof pendek/dangkal (objeknya tajam dengan background yg blur). Seperti foto bunga dibawah ini.

Berikut ini saya tuliskan step by stepnya, kali aja ada yg belum tau. Yang udah tau, maap ya..hehehe

1. Open foto yang mau kita extract, duplicate supaya tidak merusak foto asli yg kita punya.
2. Di Tools window, klik lasso tool. Pilih yang Magnetic Lasso Tool. Trus klik di satu titik objek yg mau di-extract.

3. Dengam menggunakan mouse, gerakan lasso tool, secara otomatis akan mengikuti garis objek yg mau di-extract. Kalo ada kesalahan klik delete untuk mengulagi.

4. Setelah selesai, pindahkan (drag) objek yang udah di-select tadi menggunakan move tool ke working area kita. Proses selanjutnya tinggal merapikan pinggiran-pinggirannya secara manual pake Eraser Tool.

5. Gampang kan

Monday, November 3, 2008

Color Scheme

Sample of Color Scheme:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sweet Colors...

This is our family photo decorated in Lollie Pollie Kit designed by Zakirah (Matahati Design).

Brownie Flowers...

Love this kit very much. Love the papers, love the colors... Here are 2 layouts I have made with this kita designed by Charlie's Digiscrap.
The first layout is my daughter, Nasha. And the second one is a photo of my sisters. They're beautiful, don't you think...? :-)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Summer Fun

I found a very simple but beautiful mini kit yesterday. Yes, after spent a lot of time yesterday to make some layout, I decided to try with a simple kit without too many elements in it. And it is easier for me to put them together without confusions LOL. Well, at least I just need need half an hour to finish it.
Half an hour only for this...!? Hey, I'm a beginer, remember... ;-p

Stormy Waters minikit by Charlie's Digiscrap

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Trying to be Creative

I never thought it would be this hard to make a layout. Seeing the kit with so many elements... well, I was so sure it won't be too difficult to put them together in a frame to make a beautiful layout. Guess what? I'm still sitting here... more than 3 hours, facing my Photoshop with confusion... These are all I've got....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First Layout

LilDramaMama Kit by Utski

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Term Of Use


Thank you for downloading this product


The graphic files contained in this file are the product of Lisa Ariesalina.


This product is strictly for PERSONAL USE only. They may not be reproduced for sale or redistributed in any way.

You may:
Use these graphics for your own personal layouts/ scrapbooking projects.
Alter the colour, size, or shapes and even adding to them or removing of the products to suit your needs, but DO NOT CLAIM them as your own.
Print these graphics for your own album.
Make a copy of your purchased graphics for back-up purposes only.
Submit layouts and other creations that you make using my products to online gallery, magazines etc, with credits to Aprilisa Designs.
Use the products in your layouts, signatures and personal/non-commercial blog designs, provided that you link back to our blog on your site's main page.

You may not:
Claim these products as your own.
Resell or redistribute the entire or portion of the products in any way.
Share these products with anyone else; if someone is interested in these products then kindly direct them to http://aprilisadesigns.blogspot.com so they may download it themselves.
Use these products for obscene, defamatory, immoral work or any other purposes that are prohibited by the law.
Use these products for any project or product that will be sold or used to generate income.

By purchasing these products or obtaining any free downloadable products by Aprilisa Designs, you are agreeing to the terms of this user license.
All Products © APRILISA DESIGNS (Lisa Ariesalina) 2017.  All rights reserved.


For any further questions, comments, feedback or completed layouts please e-mail aprilisa28@gmail.com

Thank you for downloading and Happy Scrapping.

Lisa Ariesalina
Email : aprilisa28@gmail.com
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a simple girl really. I'm a full time Mom and an aspiring photographer. Family is most important, then my camera and computer!
I've been with my husband since 1991. We have a wonderful lil' boy, DJ. He's truly a blessing. He came into my life just when I needed him.
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Happy scrappin to ya!

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I'm Angela from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am actually a newcomer to digital scrapbooking. I started scrapping early this year. I needed to make a 1 year photobook to record my daughter's first year and the typical photo album was a bit too simple and limited for me. While googling for other options I discovered digital scrapbooking. With some prior knowledge of Photoshop, online tutorials, and fantastics help from the scrapbooking community I started to scrap and now I'm hooked. I'm a SAHM so I do have quite a lot of time to scrap and lurk in the forums.

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