Monday, December 29, 2008

Challenge 3

I never consider myself as a romantic person. And I feel I'm not a romantic mother either. But being 4 months old pregnant makes me a little bit sensitive. Maybe for others I'm too much sensitive this time...LOL. That's fine. Some friends told me it is OK to be more selfish when you're expecting. Because it's not just me, you know, it's also about the baby ;-p

Last week I opened my old photo files. And I found this picture of me and my daughter. My husband took the photo from hospital on the first day of her life :). Forget about the traumatic labour process, I think I miss the special feeling of hugging my new born baby in my arms, for the first time. It's just amazing... I think all of mothers out there know what I mean. I don't know whether it will be the same for the second... LOL. Cant wait to meet our second baby...


Papers by Carrie Stephens (Tahiti Treat Kit)

Doodle and Ribbon by Digital Scrap Designs

This is also become my entry for challange 3 in my online class of Scrapbooking. Hope I'm getting better ;-p


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