Saturday, December 13, 2008

Challenge 2

Yes, it was a looooong break, even for me, after these long hectic weeks. Last September I was still in my hometown, Jakarta. Then last month, I was in Cochin, India. And here I am in Doha, Qatar now. At least for the time being, not sure where I will be next month, LOL.

And I have another news to tell :). We're expecting our second baby in June 2009. So, sure yes it was a tiring weeks, mentally and physically, tried to deal with everything. I was pushed to forget about scrapbooking for a while. So now I'm happy to be back...

Scrap Lift
The second challange for my scrapbooking class is scrap lift. It's not that easy to do it, though. My layout look different even I tried to copy.

layout by Len

layout by me

Credits: Spontaneous Delight Kit by Carrie Stephens


Suci Sadiq December 13, 2008 at 6:13 PM  

what a lovely lay out!
scrap lift can be so tricky, i guess. but you are doing a great job here... I will send the prize very soon, liz!

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