Saturday, January 14, 2012

Picture Perfect 12, and Chatting with me is tomorrow!

Hi Everyone,
Just want to share my latest template pack in store : PICTURE PERFECT 12. It released yesterday and you can get it with 30% off during my spotlight week in Gotta Pixel.

Great news, my templates are now also available in Page File format to make sure that everyone can play with it with any software you're using now, and they are for Commercial Use. So there will be a little increases in the price, but not much, I promise you :).

also available in my store at ME SO SCRAPPY


Some Inspirations:




Just a little reminder that I will have a chat (with Janice as co-host), tomorrow night! ==> Saturday, Jan 14 at 8.00 PM EST. This will be my second time doing chat after my first one last July . Time Zone differences is a main problem for me to do more chats. Tomorrow will be Sunday 5.00 AM for me.... Really weird time to chat! So be there, and don't let me sit alone at 5.00 AM

I will have some games tomorrow with coupons as prizes of course. A little clue, make sure you read this blog post

And have a sweet mini kit for everyone who attend the chat:


Hope to see you there!


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