Friday, April 30, 2010

Celebrating iNSD in Digital Scrapa Cafe!

Digital Scrap Cafe is celebrating NSD! Join us for a huge sale (40% off entire store) and some pretty fabulous prizes!

For details on how to enter our raffle for the prizes, please visit DSC's FORUM.


This is my first time celebrating iNSD as a designers. It's a bit crazy, LOL. I'm actually overwhelmed with all the things I have to do this last 3 weeks. But I do managed to prepare something special for this iNSD beside the 40% sale to the entire store. Here it is:

- image is clickable -

It's my first Commercial use Grab Bag! I worked so hard for this special product tomake sure that everybody satisfied with what they will by purchasing it, LOL.

This Grab Bag is contain of 6 brand new CU products cretaed by me:

1 set of Grunge Overlays (5 overlays). High quality, textured in 300 dpi.

1 set of Fresh Flowers. Photographed and extracted by me. High quality 300 dpi.

1 set of Messy Lines Overlays. Save in high quality PNG files, 300 dpi, no jaggies.
Hand-drawn by me in CorelDraw X3 and edited in Photoshop CS2. Includes in this pack are 10 messy line overlay.

1 set of 6 Mix Pattern Overlay. Save in high quality layered PSD files, 300 dpi,no jaggies.
Created by me in Corel Draw X3 and edited in Photoshop CS2. You can created a lot of new pattern by disabling some of the layers!

1 set of doodle swirls. Add your own style, and you can crete so many beautiful swirls. Include in this pack are 6 doodle swirls, plus Metal and plastic swirls as bonus.

1 set of 12 Fun Frame Templates. They are all unique! Created by me in Corel Draw X3 and edited in Photoshop CS2. High quality, 300 dpi and no jaggies.

To see the full previews of the product, please visit my Facebook Page

This is limited Grab Bag and and available only for 2 weeks. After wo weeks it will go tomy store separately!


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