Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Layouts using my freebie Kits (Thanks Pom!)

Do you know that it's a great happiness for a newbie designer like me to know if there's someone enjoy scrapping with kits I've shared to you as freebies?

When I was just starting my digital scrapbooking, I didn't really care if nobody interested in downloading my works. All I want to do is just keep practicing my skills, thats all. But when I found out there's so many people download my kits, overlay, alpha or anything I share as freebies, I wish I would be able to see how they enjoy my works by seeing some layouts or anything they did with them. Nobody really came up with their works :(. Even I start a new habit, stalking everywhere around, googling, tried to find a little piece of my works, LOL.

I want to thank Pom , for sharing her layouts! It's such a wonderful appreciation for me. I really enjoy all of her works. It is not because my kits are great, but the way she creates layouts makes my kits looks so wonderful, LOL.

Pom, Thanks for being so nice to me ! You're a very talented girl.

Some layouts by Pom
(click on the image for larger preview)

(my part of "My Secret Garden" collab kit)

(Remember When)


Pom September 6, 2009 at 12:01 PM  

Hi Lisa!!
I was so busy in my own little world that I didn't come your way for a few days. No doubt I was so pleasantly surprised you mentioned my layouts especially in your post! What can I say?? I'm so honored and flattered. Thank you so much. Please remember that although sometimes you don't get the feedbacks, your hard work is always appreciated. You're my inspiration! Thanks again. :)

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