Sunday, October 16, 2011

From the gallery...

I want to blog this since few weeks back, but as usual, I start forgeting things everytime I postpone some points in my to-do list. So, I guess I need to be more organized and stick to my schedule.

Anyway, last month I found cute hybrids from Laina (nirah0325) when I browsed to my gallery in Gotta Pixel. Instantly, I fell in love with them! She made it for her son's Birthday Party. This is my first time to see someone do hybrid stuffs out of my designs. Thank you Laina for sharing it with us!

Now take a look at these photos :




Laina was using my kit OUT AT SEA available in my store at GottaPixel


Do you own some of my designs and have some layouts with them? Do not hesitate to share them with me in my gallery at GottaPixel. I will regulary browse my gallery and if I choose your layout to be featured in my blog you will get a chance to win $5.00 coupon!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


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