Monday, November 9, 2009

Stolen Moments Facebook Fans: Attention!

Amber of Stolen Moments has a something to say to all of you who became her FACEBOOK ans during this DSD Celebration. Here it is:

A few of the designers are having a friendly little competition to see who can recruit the most Facebook Fans.. Well, I'm in second place right now - about a mile behind the leader - so I'm going to up the ante a bit.. As a quick reminder, here's what you already get for becoming a fan by 9pm EST Monday...
  • super-cute FREEBIE alpha {shown below}
  • 25% off coupon good till the end of the year
  • TWO $10 GCs will be given out
  • exclusive coupons, contests, & freebies throughout the year

Now.. just to take things up a notch.. If I win, one lucky person will receive an ALL-ACCESS PASS TO MY ENTIRE STORE FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!!! Seriously! You can't lose! So run on over to my FB page quick, become a fan, then tell your friends! If they write on my wall telling me you referred them, you name will be entered into all the drawings twice - for each friend! We need at least 200 more fans in the next 22 hours.. Do you think we can do it???


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